How Maria Nila Climate Compensate

How we Climate Compensate

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Maria Nila is proud to work with the non-profit organisation Plan Vivo. Each year we calculate the total emission outlet of CO2 from the packaging and operations. By the end of the year we then climate compensate for an equal amount.

Maria Nila specifically support Plan Vivo’s project CommuniTree together with Taking Root. They collaborate with farmers in some of the poorest parts of Nicaragua for reforestation of forests. This is achieved by encouraging farmers to replant the under-utilized parts of their farms in exchange for direct payments. The farmers' families are offered an income and the project helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. Farmers can work on a long-term basis and focus on caring for the forest instead of shutting down for economic results in the short term.

Since 2016 Maria Nila has contributed to the planting of over 14 000 m2 of forest in Nicaragua. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support from our customers all around the world – so thank you for choosing Friendly!

On top of climate compensation, we are constantly looking for new and more sustainable materials for our products and when we produce new products, we try to weigh in reusability when it comes to packaging as well as try to use as much recycled and recyclable materials as possible.

One of our latest releases, our Styling Bag which is made out of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.