Conditioner adds fats and nourishment to the hair to counteract the cleansing effects of shampoo. The conditioner is the last step in a hair washing routine and locks in the caring properties from your haircare products.
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Conditioner from Maria Nila

Conditioner adds various fats to the hair to counteract the degreasing effects of shampoo. When the shampoo is applied to the hair, it opens up the hair's outer layer, the cuticle layer, to remove dirt and grease. The conditioner helps to close the layer again and gives the hair a smooth, shiny effect. You should apply a hair mask to your hair after the shampoo and before the conditioner for an extra silky-smooth sheen. The outermost layer has opened up at this point, and the inner layer is more receptive to the beneficial substances contained in the hair mask. All conditioner from Maria Nila is vegan and free from sulfates and parabens. A good conditioner is a key to healthy and thriving hair, and to achieve the best results, it is important that you choose a conditioner from a hair care collection that is adapted to your particular hair type.

Maria Nila only offers vegan conditioner

In Maria Nila's range, you'll only find vegan hair care. None of our conditioners are tested on animals or contain animal ingredients but instead contain plant-based ingredients. For example, blackberry extract is in the silver conditioner, pomegranate extract in the volume conditioner, and algae extract in the repair conditioner. These plant-based ingredients work just as well in hair care and are not harmful to animals, which is very important to Maria Nila. There are smaller bottles of both shampoo and conditioner in the travel size category that work great to take with you on a trip.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner, is a miracle treatment for your hair that provides both moisture and nutrition. The cream repairs and builds up damaged hair structure and closes split ends. Maria Nila's leave-in conditioner also protects the hair from heat when blow-drying or using a hair straightener. For an extra silky-smooth result, mix your leave-in conditioner with argan oil, which you'll find under the hair styling category.

Hair conditioner from different hair care collections

Maria Nila's hair conditioner is available in various hair care collections, so you are guaranteed to find a conditioner that suits your particular hair type and helps you achieve the results you want. Use your conditioner with a shampoo and a mask from either the same collection or combine different collections. For example, you can use a shampoo and conditioner from the same collection, but combine it with a hair mask from another. A silver mask is an excellent option for those looking to add cold shades to their hair. You will find anti-inflammatory dandruff conditioners in the collection of conditioners to prevent and treat scalp problems and dandruff. It also increases hair growth and counteracts hair loss. The moisturizing conditioner contains argan oil that counteracts frizz and static electricity and adds shine to the hair while softening and strengthening its structure. If you have flat, lifeless hair, a volume conditioner is recommended. It contains Provitamin B5 and gives your hair both volume and elasticity. The nourishing conditioner is ideal for dry and damaged hair, as it softens, moisturizes, and counteracts static electricity through rejuvenating algae extracts. If you have colored hair, the color conditioner is ideal as it helps preserve your hair color through pomegranate extract and Color Guard Complex. If you are looking to add cold tones to your hair, the silver conditioner is very effective instead.